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scientist in charge

Martin Millett, DPhil 1983, is Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Cambridge and is a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA).

He has a long interest in survey archaeology, having worked extensively in Britain (Halkon and Millett 1999; Halkon, Millett and Woodhouse 2015), Spain (Carraté et al. 1995), Portugal (Millett et al. 2000) and Italy (Keay et al. 2004).

He was involved in pioneering work on field-walking in the 1980s (Haselgrove et al 1985; Millett 2000a; 2000b), the application of large-scale magnetometry survey to urban sites in the 1990s (Keay et al. 2000; Keay et al. 2005), and is now PI on a project that is using GPR to map whole Roman towns in Italy.