UAV LiDAR survey – Riegl

Lidar 150

The virtual absence of LiDAR case studies for archaeological purpose in the Mediterranean area is both obvious and remarkable. The main reason may lie in differing methodological approaches, differing schools of thought or in cultural or environmental biases of various kinds. Some limited attempts have been made at the use of LiDAR survey in Italy but they have for the most part been fairly unsuccessful, usually (it has been argued) because of the quality and density of the Mediterranean woodland canopy and scrub. Up until very recently, indeed, airborne LiDAR survey has proved substantially unproductive in Mediterranean contexts.

New perspectives may come through the development of lightweight LiDAR sensors that can be mounted on drones for very intensive survey work over woodland areas.

Thanks to the collaboration with Microgeo s.r.l. and Riegl we are going to implement a test-bed within the Resellae sample area on March 21st 2016.