Emptyscapes Seminar Acknowledgements


We are writing to thank you all sincerely for contributing so generously to our seminar on archaeological survey work in the Mediterranean countryside. The meeting gave us a very interesting and successful opportunity to discuss important aspects of current activity in the Mediterranean area, and in particular to highlight relevant problems, questions and new approaches. We were very pleased with the feedback from the final discussion as well as from the comments and questions that arose after each of the individual contributions.

Sincere thanks go to the Faculty of classics to host and support the organization of the seminar with particular regard to our colleagues, the administrative and the technical staff.

The seminar has been generously funded within the Marie Curie action (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF n. 628338) and by the Faculty of Classics of the University of Cambridge.

It is our hope that the seminar will in the coming months and years be seen to have helped in the formation of new ideas and opportunities to advance the debate on Mediterranean landscapes, and in particular to throw light on the issues of ’empty spaces’ and ’empty phases’,

With very best wishes and thanks again for your contribution to the seminar.

Stefano Campana and Martin Millett