(Re)thinking archaeological potential in preventive archaeology – workshop – Ljubljana 28th-29th October 2016


Emptyscapes has been invited to introduce the international conference (Re)thinking archaeological potential in preventive archaeology. The Institute for the protection of cultural heritage of Slovenia, Center for preventive archaeology organized a workshop/seminar on the theory and practice of archaeological potential assessment in preventive archaeology.

Seminar program

(Re)thinking archaeological potential in preventive archaeology
Ljubljana, 28. in 29. oktober 2016/
28th-29th October 2016


Keynote speech
Stefano Campana
TOWARDS MAPPING THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL CONTINUUM – New perspectives and current limitations in Planning Led Archaeology in Italy
– The paper discusses both theory and practice in the application of the Italian domestic law, which has applied since 2006 to any kind of public new construction or to the modification of existing structures. The author argues, based on two of his own projects, BREBEMI and EMPTYSCAPES, that there are both shortcomings and new opportunities within Planning Led Archaeology. Projects from the last decade, in Italy and elsewhere, have demonstrated the potential effectiveness of new approaches to pre-development evaluation in the operation of the current legal and scientific framework that may make it possible to overcome some severe limitations in current practice.

Dimitrij Mlekuž , Gašper Rutar, Barbara Nadbath
The idea of Archaeological potentia/lWhat is archaeological potential?

Philip Verhagen
Simulating feature detection by trial trenches and its consequences for site detection and

Paul Johnson, Ruth Humphreys
Understanding archaeological potential: a view from the UK

Michele Pipan, Emanuele Forte, Federico Bernardini
Integrated geophysical and remote sensing methods for Ultra-High Resolution archaeological prospecting

Katherine Gruel, Michel Dabas, Vincent Bernollin
Archaeological traces and sites in the landscape around the sanctuary of Allonnes (Sarthe)

Lunch break

Gašper Rutar
Managing archaeolgical potential?

Daria G. Banchieri
The archaeological potential of a waterlogged tell

Filomena Sirovica
Losing archaeological potential: the proposition of assessment method

Coffe and snacks break

Vedrana Glavaš, Andrea Pintar
“I smell dead people”: the use of HRD dogs in locating prehistoric burial sites

Andrej Magdič, Mihela Kajzer Cafnik
Increased archaeological potential. What now?

Felipe Asenjo Álvarez, José Miguel Muñoz Jiménez, Pablo Schnell Quiertant
Around the Calocos Montes: landscape archeology and lime kilns in the southern province of Segovia (Spain)

Pasquale Napolitano, Pasquale Persico
(re)programming archeology

Discussion and conclusion